Abundance Generator Light Code

• Manifest your light and energy into form.
• Use this Feminine Birth/Creation Vortex to energize and amplify your thoughts, intentions and vision inside the Pyramid.
• Connects you to the Abundance Temples in the Great Central Sun’s source energy for you to spark, conceive, and birth what you want.
• Journey to Feminine Abundance Pyramids in the center of Earth.
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Abundance Generator Code Meditation

I am the Abundance Generator Pyramid and Feminine Creation Vortex bringing light intentions, dreams and visions into form.  Place your intentions inside the pyramid where the white light is shining.  Hold your vision there and allow the manifestation of your creation into your life now.Visualize the yellow gold light from the Source Great Central Sun in the Pyramid radiating into your second chakra.  Picture this light flowing through your root chakra down your light cord into the center of the earth to connect with the golden abundance pyramids.  Allow your mind to relax and journey into the creation of your intention.  See the Spiral of Turquoise Feminine Light wrap around your desire and travel up from the Pyramids into your root chakra.  From your root, allow the spiral to move up your charkas through the crown to the Source of all light.  Feel deeply that you are a creator manifesting all that you desire into form.  Zeronei Lah Hah La!  Hold the disk or pendant in your hand and ask inside yourself how you really feel abou abundance and money.  Do you have all the wealth and money you deserve?  If the answer is no, then ask how you view money.  Is it energy that allows you to do what you want?  Is it dirty?  Do you believe that people with money are not spiritual?  Is there some block in your accepting that you deserve this abundance?  If you discover that you have negative beliefs, then place the intention to clear these into the pyramid and create a new paradigm for yourself.  Keep doing this until you have all you desire.  May you be abundantly blessed in friends, love, wealth, joy, fun and light!

Abundance Pendant Info.
Abundance Pendant 
Abundance Pendant Info.
Abundance Meditation Disk $75.00