DNA Activation Light Code

• Clear and heal the etheric DNA that clears the physical DNA.
• Feel your energy quicken and your motivation increase.
• Clear your stress and energize yourself to accomplish your goals.
• Start up and speed up your metabolism for physical healing.
• Activate your DNA with your intentions by uniting the etheric vision and physical manifestation in form.
• Tune yourself to your original blueprint in which you can operate spiritually, emotionally, mentally, & physically at your optimum.
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DNA Activation Code Meditation

From the Circle of Life, Source and Light comes the DNA Spiral.  It has changed many times by influences within and without itself.  Now, like ancient powers awakening, it is changing in accordance to our original blueprint and will deliver to us our greater powers for health, life and love.  This is the rightful opportunity for our light in conscious self to live in harmony with the lovely creations of Universal Sound, Light and Love.  Human form births into existence through a spiral of energetic coding.  With this disk unlock the secrets of my beloved spiral.  Use this disk to increase your energy and clear limiting energies in your matrix while truly connecting to your real source of light in the power and movement of the Helix.  This disk heals and transforms dormant etheric DNA which imprints physical DNA codes with new frequencies of light.  Shine light through the disk and target it into charkas, grids, matrices for DNA activation.  The higher light codes in the disk will reprogram and free your higher source code energies in the DNA.  Tune into the green on the disk.  Picture, feel and breathe in rejuvenation, abundance, energy and joy.  Combining the yellow and green, effortlessly think, radiate and feel the support for and the existence of all you desire for yourself in your life.  Think it, feel it, manifest it.  DNA light patterns and thought powers which have been dormant can now open, realign and balance.  Live with the intent for all Life to move into a high state of light conscious-ness.  Hold your self true and responsible to act as an example for this vision.  May we spiral ever upward, downward, inward and outward into our higher frequency energies.  Letting them be evident within us as kind compassionate eternal souls of life.  We may visualize ourselves as one great eternal pillar of codes in light with energy moving upward to the rays of source and downward into the light centers of the feminine creative spiral.  MEYOHSONEG!  To the spiral of All in Life.

DNA Pendant Info.
DNA Pendant
DNA Pendant Info.
DNA Meditation Disk $75.00