Golden Eye Cross of Freedom Light Code

• Opens your intuition and imagination and Third Eye vision.
• Connects you to the Great Screen and Akashic Records.
• Learn to read the screen through your increased vision.
• Connects you to the source energy and your divine wisdom.
• Helps you to discern and to use your conscious wisdom.
• Attunes you to responsible freedom and self mastery.
• Allows you to become aware of conscious and unconscious belief systems operating in your power of attraction.
Golden Eye Image

Golden Eye Cross of Freedom Code Meditation

I am the all seeing eye of light represented on the capstone of the pyramid of freedom.  The open-ended cross of freedom, from St. Germain, blesses all with the insight and third eye discernment to know the truth at all times.  May this Golden Ray Spectrum energize, envelop, and bring resurrection through the triune of the pyramid.  This integration of the Initiation Chamber, the Queen’s Chamber and the King’s Chamber are necessary to hold higher frequency, because one must learn to work with the light and dark without opinion and judgement.  Place this disk upon the third-eye and ask for the codes to open.  Breathe deeply and picture your third-eye opening so you can reveal your inner vision of all.  Remember your past lives and ask to see your records.  This disk helps to bring in clearing of your negative patterns from the past which have held you in your own captivity.  Break loose from those patterns, clear your record, remember who you really are in the universal plan.  Be Free.  You may begin to move into the 5th, 6th, & 7th dimensions and frequencies.  You can use this disk to infuse your water and food with Universal Crystal Healing Light.  Also rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.  May the blessings of your Golden Kundalini enfold and open you to your vision and actualization of freedom.  Be and act from the true essence of who you are.  Tahpahrah Ramma Tah!  May the Golden Light from the Great Central Sun brighten and nurture you through the codes in the disk.

Golden Eye Pendant Info.
Golden Eye Pendant
Golden Eye Pendant Info.
Golden Eye Meditation Disk $75.00