Heart Light Code

• Use the Crystal Eight - Sided Cells of Perfection to spin your heart flame to clear wounds, disappointments, and lost power.
• Experience your open heart and sustain it safely.
• Activate your essence or feeling of love.
• Tune your heart’s vibration to attract your soul mate and group.
• Radiate and enhance your joy and love through the disk.
• Re-attract lost wandering fragmentation parts to unify your heart.
• Activate the Sacred Trinity of Action, Receptivity, and Divinity.
Heart Code Image

Heart Code Meditation

I am here to open the heart codes for the eternal love that you already are.  The essence of the eight sided cells of perfection permeates the flame of love, wisdom, power and freedom.  Picture the light of your being flowing from your heart vibrating your entire being.  Feel yourself bathed in the pink, gold, blue and lavender rays from the eight sided cells in the disk and in your heart.  Place the disk on your heart chakra.  Breathe deeply and visualize the imaginary room in your heart.  See the windows and open them to feel the fresh air and picture light filling your room.  Look around.  Is there a chair to sit in?  What does it look like?  Make it look the way you would like; create a throne, a flame, or whatever symbol activates you.  What color is it?  Look at your altar.  Are there Crystals? What are they made of and what colors are they?  Is it one room or are there hallways leading to other spaces?  Are there angels, light beings, flowers, or waterfalls?  The message of Jeshua, the Christ of Light, can now be realized in the pink heart of love.  Be surrounded in the wonder of loving yourself.  Feel the ambient rays in your room enfolding you and radiating from your heart.  The heart disk has been infused with the codes of heart love to empower your whole being.

Heart Pendant Info.
Heart Pendant
Heart Pendant Info.
Heart Meditation Disk $75.00