Joy Light Code

  • Open to your original innocence and joy from the Joy universes.
  • Wear this and allow the feeling of bliss, joy and freedom it brings to permeate your whole being.
  • Brings forth your innocent, forgiving inner child.
  • Use this joy code to disperse negative, dark, painful experiences in the.
  • Pure Light Joy is the opposite of negativity and depression.
  • Helps remember and accept the deep joy of your own being and that of others.
Joy Code Image

Joy Code Meditation

I open to the everlasting joy and innocence of our original blueprint from the kingdom of light before sadness and pain. This code is designed to help you remember your joyous enlightened free flowing self and essence. This code will help you to live as an innocent and accepting child but with your adult wisdom.  Your inner child will come forth in acceptance and light allowing you to forgive and forget on the spot. The dancing free self will emerge on the diamond of freedom, innocence and ecstasy. Wear or hold this code and tune into the blissful being that you really are. Heal pain by placing it on the affected area and picturing pure light joy. Accept the deep joy of your being and others that you meet and move out of negativity, pain, sadness and judgment into the yellow light of joy, freedom and innocence.

Joy Pendant Info.
Joy  Pendant
Joy Pendant Info.
Joy Meditation Disk $75.00