Magic Light Code

  • Call forth your inner magic from the kingdoms of light.
  • Receive your Divine Goddess Power and wield it for creation and protection.
  • Call back your Staff of Magic and Life from the Rainbow Dragon Universe with this light code.
  • Experience the power of the Holy Grail restored to this world.
  • Use the divine guidance and skrying powers of the water of the Holy Grail.
  • Watch as your premonitions become more accurate and your intuition becomes enhanced.
Magic Image

Magic Code Meditation

From times long ago, passed into the mist of forgotten times comes the code of the Magic of Light. This is the rebirth of the skrying  cup of the Holy Grail. The ruby rose brings the Divine Power of the Goddess. Look into the waters and ask for guidance. Immerse yourself in its energy.  Pay attention to the pictures which come forth through the water.  Feel the light from the Staff of Life.  Pick up your own staff, play with the jewels, and wield it for creation, protection and receive your gifts from the Goddess.  The Goddess sits at the left hand of God wielding her staff and offering help to  Earth.  The Rainbow Dragons protect all light of creation and are giving back that power to us.  Take it, feel it, use it to manifest.  Clear the dark and become the magic that you are.

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Magic Pendant
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