Rainbow Ray Manifestation Light Code

• A conduit for color frequencies for manifestation – use this to surround your visions, desires, and intentions. Feel them Now.
• Attunes you to the brilliant rainbow for joy and happiness.
• Connects to the Dragon pools of sacred light and color essence.
• Awakens your vision to see the
Temples of manifestation.
• Brings your lost tools and gifts of light for your imagination.
• Clears your energy chakras, auric system, & physical meridians.
• Assists you in raising vibrations of illness and negative loss.
Rainbow Manifestation Image

Rainbow Ray Manifestation Code Meditation

I am powerful rays of Creation’s light permeating the physical earth plane from Gaia’s inner universe and from the Great Central Sun.  All that is manifests from the frequencies of the rainbow rays of light and one’s intention.  All healing occurs in the frequency of the pure rays from source.  All manifestation is activated into existence through the guided light of eternal blissful energy.  The White ray is the combination of all colors.  This disk magnifies all colors as if it were a lens.  It can also clear impurities.  Use the disk to clear the charkas.  Place the disk on each of your charkas.  Picture any negativity flowing through the disk and turning into light.  Use this on your third eye to open the codes of your inner vision.  The intense white light blazes forth from the Crystal Temple in the Great Central Sun, the White Palace of Exquisite Beauty on Venus, Mira and the Crystal Galaxy of Love.  Bathe in the rainbow rays turning into liquis white fire light in through and around each chakra on and off the physical body.  Tune into the White Fire Star located 12” above your head.  Connect this to your third eye while holding the disk.  Allow your inner vision to open and expand your knowledge.  Listen for messages from your higher self, angels or guides.  These exercises will help you increase awareness of and realign you to the frequency of your Higher Self.  Breathe deeply and feel your light expanding.  Allow yourself to explore the realms of color.  Pick a color on the disk and see it infuse into a chakra, your entire body, your energy field, the world, the universe, or a desire you wish to create.  Take time to play with the rainbow rays and pay attention to the signs and results seen as omens from the universe.

Rainbow Ray Pendant Info.
Rainbow Ray Pendant
Rainbow Ray Pendant Info.
Rainbow Ray Meditation Disk $75.00