Ruby and Gold Flame Light Code

• Travel to the feminine Ruby Temple in the Center of the Earth.
• Activate and strengthen your flame of life.
• Attunes your life’s flame to a higher frequencies.
• Connects you to the
Phoenix and Dragon Universe.
• Fills you with healing light from the
Phoenix for true empowerment.
• Assists you to discover, awaken, and live your positive passions.
• Surrounds you with feelings of liquid light and the Love Universe.
• Balances your earthly vibration and chakras to love your true self.
Ruby Gold Flame Image

Ruby and Gold Flame Code Meditation

Oh, Ruby and Gold Flame bring the second and eighth chakras together in the essence of the Phoenix and Dragons.  The Ruby and Gold Temple in the center of the earth grounds us and opens our manifestation and creativity.  This disk aligns us with this spiritual place and stargate to the galaxy, planets of fie, and wisdom.  The eternal flame of gold has been used for billions of years to protect temples and infuse the Golden Ray of knowledge into the sacred places of light.  This flame also activates the golden pools of liquid light.  These pools were traditionally used for anointing purposes of healing and resurrection.  While holding this disk, connect to your Kundalini in your spine.  Visualize your spine as golden liquid light opening and rushing through your body, mind and soul.  Picture the Gloden Flame from the disk enveloping your entire body and energy field for protection.  Send your cord of light to the center of the earth to the Ruby and Gold Temple and see the ruby and gold traveling up the cord and back down in a spiral of flame.  Feel your feet firmly planted to the earth as if stuck by the glue of the fire.  May we use these tools for the highest good for all.  The Kundalini is the sacred golden flame which can heal anything, clear pollution from our planet once activated with the wave of a hand.  Be respectful and use the power of your being with responsibility.  Opening into the age of freedom, clear all negative patterns, and return and birth into your whole enlightened self.  Om Denai ashrati Vishnu.  Om denai ashrati verai.  May the blessings of the Ruby and Gold ground you into your Christed self.

Ruby Flame Pendant Info.
Ruby Flame Pendant
Ruby Flame Pendant Info.
Ruby Flame Meditation Disk $75.00