White Ascension Rose Light Code

• Connects your true self essence to the light grids of the seven, twelve and thirteen chakra systems, thus to balance your subtle energy bodies healthfully in your physical self.
• Allows energy to flow free of fear and free of ego expression.
• Brings our attention to our fears , doubts, and negative energy so we can empower our choices to live in conscious love.
• The flower of life prepares you for chakras eight thru twelve.
• The White Rose prepares you for the feminine thirteenth chakra.
White Rose Image

White Ascension Rose Code Meditation

I catalyze your higher energy to flow to and from the Great Central Sun.  From the unseen blueprint of creation the Flower of Life supports your learning in compassion and letting go.  The White Ascension Rose is a gift from Mother Mary to accelerate your energies and support your resurrection physically and soulfully.  With this disk you can begin to open the screen for your visions of your astral psychical events to clear and awaken stuck energy patterns.  These records in the Akashic can be revealed and begin to move to greater innocence through the Flower of Life and White Ascension Rose.  Shine light through the disk onto your body to begin to activate your 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th chakras.  Suggestions of places to shine the light are back of neck, 6” above head, space between throat and heart, 6” below root chakra, and on each chakra.  This disk initiates a process to remove limiting grids and matrices from your physical and etheric fields.  This preparation when complete allows for the Fear and Doubt grid to be replaced by the more supportive Sri Yantra, Flower of Life White Ascension Rose energy grids.

White Rose Pendant Info.
White Rose Pendant
White Rose Pendant Info.
White Rose Meditation Disk $75.00