Dolphin Yin-Yang Light Code

• Wholeness – Male and Female balance Meditation tool.
• Brings you serenity and peace to relax in gratitude.
• Travel to the ancient fairy
kingdom of Lyra.
• Communicate with the dolphins and whales.
• Feel their ever growing ever increasing joy & unconditional love.
• Hear the ancient stories.
• Channel natural healing and herbal balances for physical health.
• Assists to let go of ego fears and emotional separation of self.
Yin-Yang Image

Dolphin Yin-Yang Code Meditation

We Dolphins and Whales Circle the Yin Yang symbol of wholeness.  We as conscious living light beings find our source millions of years ago in the Fairy Kingdom of Lyra.  We teach precipitation of light into form.  We are here to remember and teach these codes.  The colors turquoise and blue can be soothing as well as electrifying.  Our planet millions of years ago was mostly ocean in many different liquid shades of blue.  This disk opens the codes for your protection.  It also awakens the manifestation of your light and thought to appear in form.  It empowers balance for us to be the integrated male/female creator in our life.  Sit quietly holding the disk.  Create a positive picture with intent and shine it through the disk to create what you want.  Radiate your wholesomeness.  Call to the Dolphins and Fairies.  See and accept your picture already in existence.  Speak your desire into the disk and feel it already in your life.  The whales are the carriers of your story and the memory for your gifts and knowledge.  Hold the disk and ask the whales to activate your true Self and your many blessings with your tools of light.  Act in your empowered vision for your Self.  This disk has been activated and infused with creation words and codes of light.  KEYHONEG!  Greetings from the dolphins, fairies and whales.

Yin-Yang Pendant Info.
Yin-Yang Dolphin Pendant
Yin-Yang Pendant Info.
Yin-Yang Meditation Disk $75.00