Mirarey Activations

13 Chakra Energy Activations

* Frequency Upgrades *

This opening will assist you to shift into and feel better in the new energies of this planet.
Chakras 8 – 52 and above activated for powerful connection to
Source and the Divi
ne Feminine.

   Earth Activation: 30 – 45 min.
  Aura Balance With New Energy Matrix

Balance the seven chakras with energy work to eliminate body pains.  Learn the true colors of your first ten chakras. This is your own unique map to understand who you are in relation to the meanings of the chakras.

Triple Hearts
Solar Activation: 1 – 1.5 hr.
  Golden Age Dimensional Activation 

A connection to one’s Golden Pool in the Great Central Sun is made with resonance linked directly to the pituitary gland.  The pineal is linked to the Crystal Pools in the Earth’s Central Vortex. The grid between the pituitary and pineal is activated. This grid allows the masculine energy to weave into the grail of the Feminine through balanced connection. Your hidden belief systems will be revealed for conscious evaluation so you may release, clear your body of pain and transform your life. Align with your true self’s awareness and purpose.

    Galactic Activation: 2 – 2.5 hr.
  DNA activation w/Crystal & Implant Removal
The holographic 13-strands and missing DNA are activated, cleaned and re-stranded to awaken you to your evolvement into higher-dimensional experiences.  Through past-life regression and clearing of your record you are freed from negative patterning and blocks in your life. Any implants and crystals located in the etheric body are removed, so you can be who you truly are.
     Universal Activation: 2.5 – 2.75 hr.
  Sri Yantra, Flower of Life & Ascension Rose Activation   

Release Astral Contractors through a ceremony with Archangel Michael and Lord Ganesha for success and wisdom. A new matrix is installed using the Sri Yantra, Flower of Life and Ascension Rose. These grids are activated and aligned to replace the fear and doubt grids. Fragmented soulparts will integrate. You will experience your true energetic essence. This activates your unconditional full acceptance for your life and integrates the necessary power grid to support you.

Triple Heart
   12 - 13 Chakra Activation: 2.75 – 3 hr.
  Connect to Source – Masculine & Feminine   

These chakras are the divine essence of the unspeakable all. Re-connect into the Great Central Sun through your Cloud of Light essence colors at the 12th chakra. Learn the sound and words of your Light name.  Helios and Vesta unify with Mother Gaia’s Universal Heart Center at the 13th chakra in the Heart of the Divine Ocean of Feminine light creation essence. Inherit your light body to balance your conscious ascension process in the “eternal present now” of the higher dimensions.

(Note: Each Activation Includes all prior to it.)

For a session call Dyan at (970) 903 - 8940Triple Hearts

"I had a rotator cuff injury for that past 8 years and after the first session with Dyan it was completely healed. All range of motion was restored and the pain had dispersed from my shoulder completely!  I had absolutely no expectations, but was delightfully surprised!"                                          
-     Karen S.,  Monument, CO
"I'm not sure how Dyan does her magic but because of her I'm not bothered by sciatic pain anymore, She helped to increase my own awareness then added her gift and now I'm feeling better, great actually! I think she is bringing much needed knowledge to us."                                                   
-     Linda F.,    Colorado Springs. CO
"How do I begin to tell you how Dyan has changed my life? I felt a deep healing take place in both body and spirit. When I first had a session, I had Asthma, was on 3 inhalers and dealing with crippling grief. Now I exercise 4 times a week and don't need the inhalers. My morale is great. Thank you Dyan for giving me my life back!"                        -    Bernadette S.,     Reno, NV

Initiate yourself into Real Life in the Present Moment!
Learn to Forget and Forgive on the Spot.

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