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Dyan Cotter (formerly Stein) has been a licensed social worker and family therapist since 1983. In 1996 she reinvented these modalities to pursue a vision of restoring people to their original highest abilities. This vision included the wholeness and perfection of every living being and life form. Her skills as a medical sensitive, Reiki Master, and Transformational Breath Trainer supported her in her quest for creative growth. With intensive training from a foremost energy healer and breath specialist she began an inner journey to awaken lost parts of her own memory and to revisit her own source of creation.

During this inner awakening she encountered several life threatening and near death experiences which she previously could not remember. When she was age 10 she had encephalitis, a fever of the brain. She was in a 3 day coma and given up for dead by her physician. Her mother prayed to Mother Mary and she returned from her coma with all signs of normalcy. In these traumatic experiences she began to gain conscious memory of forgotten episodes this life and a passion to uncover memories from her previous lives. This passion has instilled an ability to uncover memories from the source of creation.

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As Dyan began working with clients, divine masters began appearing to her and teaching her many avenues to restore us to our original divine selves. St. Germaine taught her how to read and clear past life patternings from the Akashic records, Quan-Yin brought forth the importance of forgiveness and mercy in developing one's divine abilities. Mother Mary introduced her to the present restoration of the Divine Feminine and revealed the thirteen chakras as the basic energy map of each individual which includes one's connection to the Feminine. Other masters have added to her repertoire of tools to help activate people into their higher abilities.

Dyan first conceived her Light CODES in the early 1990s when she was beginning to learn energy work and healing.  While she was being trained in deep breath work, during meditations and ceremony, the first ideas and pictures for the light codes were channeled to her.  At the time, she had no idea what they were for or how to bring them into realization.  Even to get the images drawn in more than a rudimentary fashion took many years and the help of several friends and associates. Several other spiritual people who were artistic, began to draw and paint some of the images for her.  It was about 2002 2003 that the first images came to life in the form of meditation disks.  The beautiful pendants finally were fully birthed starting in 2006.  Each pendant and disk is personally activated by Dyan using energy from many places of light, and using sacred words channeled to her for each code of light. Activating each one gives it the energy and ability to perform its specific functions to help increase one's light and raise your vibrational level.  The two latest creations are the Joy code (2011) and the Magic code (2012).  The light codes enable Dyan's power and vision to reach and transform the lives of many more people than she could ever work on personally.  Each code is designed to help people grow and develop their inherent abilities and to clear discord and negativity from particular areas of life and being.

In her inner journeys and encounters she has discovered a long sought mission to clear herself as a channel for Mother Mary, various Ascended Masters, Angelic Hosts, and the Galactic Council. With clarity, devotion, and responsibility she serves these invisible ways for the enrichment of her human experience, the wholeness of each of her clients, and the greater evolution of the planet Earth.

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