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LIGHT CODES Energy Meditation Disks: Awesome, Uplifting, Beautiful, Strengthening, Balancing, Energizing,
Clearing, Healing, Connecting to 
Sources of Light.

LIGHT CODES can awaken your world!

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These Light CODE meditation disks may be used to clear, strengthen and heal your chakras, bring enlightenement to your world, increase your joyfulness in life, help you deal with issues of the heart, come to balance, create your desires, clear fear and doubt, and repair your etheric DNA, among many other uses.  Each CODE is designed to help you address the areas of life where you are most in need of empowerment.

Magic Image Info.
Magic Code Info.
Magic Meditation Disk $75.00
Joy Pendant Info.
Joy Code Info.
Joy Meditation Disk $75.00
Heart Pendant Info.
Heart Code Info.
Heart Meditation Disk $75.00

These LIGHT CODES  Energy Disks were inspired and created from Dyan Cotter's great visionary energy and healing work. Dyan has been assisting people in spritual healing and activation sessions for 26 years as a clinical therapist and has discovered many wonderful ways to heal mind and body, reduce pain, accelerate personal growth, as well as to re-acquaint a person to their true loving self.

Abundance Pendant Info.
Abundance Code Info.
Abundance Meditation Disk $75.00
Rainbow Ray Pendant Info.
Rainbow Ray Code Info.
Rainbow Ray Meditation Disk $75.00
White Rose Pendant Info.
White Rose Code Info.
White Rose Meditation Disk $75.00
Dyan was inspired to sketch and perfect the LIGHT CODES  after creating spiritual activation techniques to assist people to unlock their love and appreciation for themselves and others. The meditation disks are a part of the techniques she has developed to further promote higher spiritual activation and expansion.
DNA Pendant Info.
DNA Code Info.
DNA Meditation Disk $75.00
Ruby Flame Pendant Info.
Ruby Flame Code Info.
Ruby Flame Meditation Disk $75.00
Yin-Yang Pendant Info.
Yin Yang Code Info.
Yin-Yang Meditation Disk $75.00

The disks activate your energy by reestablishing connections to higher light sources that have been lost to us for millennia.  Each disk is coded personally by Dyan through the use of specific words channeled from the Family of Light.  Each disk is energized from specific realms of the higher-dimensional light universe.

Golden Eye Pendant Info.
Golden Eye Code Info.
Golden Eye Meditation Disk $75.00

Light is highly transformative and is activated by each specific LIGHT CODE as it passes through the image to clear negative or limited thoughts and beliefs, which reside in one’s subtle energy, and to facilitate spiritual and physical change. It is quite likely that one may feel a resonance and/or notice change while holding the disk.
   To find out the specific energetic uses of each LIGHT CODE, click on the 'Info' link.

Actual Disk size: 3 inches.    Magic Disk Picture

A few of the many testimonials we have received:

"I used the Ruby Flame Disc for the first time by holding it in my hands. To my surprise I really did feel different and uplifted. So I took it to my very sensitive psychic friend and she too found how magically it balanced all her chakra energies and began to help her feel very empowered."   
Linda L. - Denver, CO

"I have used the Heart Disc for about a year and I feel the energy of the disc supporting the opening of my heart and I am becoming more confident to be myself."
Cathy M. - Durango, CO

"Before using the discs my third eye perception was very little if any.  After using the discs my third eye vision has stimulated me to accomplishments in reading cards, astrology and attracting a great soul connection."                                                                                      Pam H. - Chicago, Il

"I have had the White Rose Disc for three years and have noticed how its energy and the power of the field has grown as more and more people are on this grid."     
Gary A. - Boulder, CO

How to Use a Disk:  
      You can hold the discs in your hands and run energy through.  This is an energy balance.
      Place disc on your body during healing, meditation or massage.
      Hang the disc above your bed or in a window to energize a room.
      Shine a flashlight or other light through it to project its image on your body or chakras.
      Carry it in your purse or pocket.
      Place it in front of a candle and gaze at it for 20 minutes.  Let your thoughts go.
Exercise to Experience the Energy of a Disk:  
        Look at the image with open eyes as if gazing into a candle.  Allow the image to imprint itself into your mind's eye, and gently close your eyes.  Maintain the vision of the image in your mind, visualizing it in detail.  Allow your feelings to emerge into consciousness.  Merge your awareness into the image, surrounding yourself with it.  Sense a positive solution, direction or desire emerge into your awareness from the heart of the icon.  Sense also the reality that it has already become manifest.  Allow the energy for this manifestation to flow through every iota of your being, mind, emotion, spirit, every chakra, every cell of your body.  Realize it is all yours now!

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